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Our Services

The key to The Cascade Center for Community Governance service is our ability to integrate excellence in governance practices with our know-how in functional areas. The scope of our work ranges from local community groups to state and national private and public agencies and organizations. Staff backgrounds and expertise includes leadership and policy development, civic engagement, partnerships/collaborations, economic development, and productive ways to address complex issues associated with social, economic and natural resource issues.

To support our clients, we frame our services based around best governance practices. Our services are delivered in various methods that best accommodate needs of our clients including educational, technical assistance and consulting in forms of workshops, retreats, conferencing, trainings, and work teams.

The Cascade Center’s aspires to continue building client service relationships with local, state, national and global organizations to help them advance their leadership capacities. Grounded in the belief of placing service above self-interest and by drawing on both private and public sector experience, The Cascade Center works to enhance civic engagement by elevating stewardship and servant leadership. From experience, The Cascade Center believes this is best accomplished by working in joint ventures with other practices – in other words, applying stewardship practices to everyday issues.
Civic Engagement
While civic engagement has long been a cornerstone of The Cascade Center’s efforts, the recently developed and site is opening new avenues societal issues by attracting youth and young adults to learn about, connect with, and practice civic engagement.
Collaboration and Community Capacity Building
Based on the premise that up to 84% of problems groups face are related to processes and not as a result of the people involved, The Cascade Center dedicates significant efforts to building community capacities including collaborative systems, protocols and procedures, shared visions and goal settings, and other functions that contribute to high levels of operations within organizations and with partnering organizations.
Social Entrepreneurship
Non-profits and other community organizations have recognized that they are businesses, not just causes. As needs grow and become more complex, there are new and innovative ways to marry non-profit and philanthropic efforts to become more enterprising and sustainable. As social entrepreneurship grows, The Cascade Center is well positioned to assist organizations in creating greater long-term value and sustainability while investing resources for greater impact.
Board Development
The Cascade Center works closely with organizations to further develop governing leadership responsible for leading missions, goal setting and review, strategic directions, financial transactions, and governance policies. This work includes board development and capacity, staff and board relations, and internal and community communications.
The Cascade Center hosts gatherings, opportunities for communities and interest groups to address polarized complex issues in a neutral environment. Held off-the-record, gatherings bring together differing opinions, data and analysis, and leadership to review the issues and develop courses of action.

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